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Hello! I’m Scott Lawry

Marriage Expert

I’m Scott Lawry – married to Rachel for 24 years.  I am a father of 6 amazing kids, both biological and adopted.  My heart has always been to help strengthen marriages and families.

For the last 20 years, I have ministered to couples and families as a pastor and chaplain. And I have helped countless couples through very dark times be able to turn around their dead-end marriages.

Recover Hope

Our goal is this: Even if hope feels far away, we KNOW that HOPE is right around the corner, and we want to help you find it right away!

Recover Intimacy

It is miserable to feel disconnected from the one that you once loved and felt so close to.  We can help.

Recover Health

We are committed to helping couples find health in their marriage through a holistic approach, addressing body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Having Fun Again

Somewhere along the way, you have forgotten to have fun as a couple. We are committed to helping you recover FUN again!

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Watch Our Free Masterclass

The 5-Step Strategy Christian Couples Use to Completely Turn Their Marriage Around, Rekindle Their Spark of Passion and Finally Feel Like They’re on the Same Team Again (Without Spending Years in Therapy or Counseling)

"This has helped not only our marriage, but as individuals. It has helped me tremendously ...and we are getting POURED into instead of just complaining to someone! And the material is so good! A few weeks ago, I called you in a desperate place and NOW we are LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of where we were!


"I can't believe it! In just 4 weeks, I have never felt this close to my wife in our 29 years of marriage!"


"I've tried a lot other things, and they were very 'hands off with me.' I have felt loved, cared for, and given a lot of personal attention!"


"Scott is well respected and loved ...and has a genuine concern for others and their spiritual walk with our Lord. Outstanding man of God."

Brandy M.

"I could never thank Scott enough for helping this humble man to desire to be a man after God's own heart!"

Darrell D.

"He’s a great listener and has a God-given desire to help people."

Janine D.

Don’t Wait Any Longer for the Marriage You’ve Always Hoped For…

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